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Saturday Sewing Party at my blog...BYOB

I am so excited that it is Saturday!  I have had a long and extremely tiring week and I am ready to get my house cleaned up and head to my sewing room!  I have several projects either already in progress or waiting patiently to be in progress!

Contest for National Sewing Month

Yippee, I am so excited about September being National sewing month!  It really does not matter if you are a terrific seamstress or just a beginner in the wonderful world of sewing, National Sewing month is for you!  So be sure to check out, they are  sponsoring a contest in celebration of National Sewing Month.   You can click on the link below to find out how to enter and what the prizes will be. Hope you submit a project and join the fun!                                                             Contest for National Sewing Month

Remember, Sewing is not just a hobby it is a way of life!
Happy Sewing!

BYOB Saturdays 8-13-11

Well today is a party for sure with lots of celebrating going on!  My oldest son was married last night, and what a wonderful day and evening we had!
This is the new bride and groom!  It was an outdoor wedding at the "Curve Rock", a place that was a big part of all three of my sons lives as they were growing up.  Located behind our house, they camped there often as young boys and even more often as teens and young men!  It was a very special wedding in many ways!!

Party for Saturday 8-6-11

I have several things to celebrate today and as usual it is party time at Glo Sews!

This is my last weekend before school starts here in my little area of Tennessee and I intend to celebrate my last few days of total freedom!  I am usually happy when this time of year rolls around but this year, not so much!  I didn't get around to a lot of the things I had planned on doing and now I find I simply don't have time.  Well I guess there is always next summer!