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Blooming Chenille Bias Strip Scarf

I Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had the opportunity to enjoy it with family and friends. My daughter and I did a little Black Friday shopping. We did not go at midnight or even 3am or 4am, but probably walked into our first department store around 7:30am. I don't believe there is anything that could drag me out any earlier than that! I did get a little of my shopping done but still have quite a bit more to do. Hope all of you had a pleasant experience if you did wonder out before the crack of dawn, from the news reports a few terrible incidents did occur.

My stepdaughter from North Carolina came in for Thanksgiving and because she will not be able to come home for Christmas we celebrated Christmas early with her family and my other stepdaughter's family. I have to say the pillowcases were a big surprise and the grands seemed to like them very much! :)

Last weekend I made a scarf out of the Chenille-It Blooming Bias Tape.  I purchased mine here.  I had…

A Little "Slice" of Heaven!

I recently received an item for review and it truly is a little slice of Heaven!   The Slice Safety cutter is great for couponers!  It is easy to carry in your purse, can easily cut coupons at the store and it is so safe a child can help you!   It certainly cuts coupons easily!

It only took mere seconds to cut out these coupons.  But I am not really very big on coupons.  I love them if they are for department stores,  but your usual grocery store variety don't really do that much for me.  I guess I don't want to take the time to hunt for those individual items to save a few cents.

But let me tell you it does do a lot of things I would use it for.  First of all plastic, I mean the hard to get through kind, like they put toys and such in, it cuts through it like it is putty!  I did not have any toys that were unopened to try it on, so after opening it, I tried it on the packaging it came it.  cut into it just like butter!

But that is not all this little slice of heaven safet…

Meet Me On Monday

This week I have made a few more pillow cases and worked on a project I am excited about and will share with you in a future post.

I am joining Meet Me on Monday again this week.  I really enjoy it.  Reading the answers to every one's questions is very interesting and fun!

Click on the photo below and join in a the fun!

The five questions this week are:

1.  Does your family/friends know about your blog? 2.  What is your favorite card game? 3.  What do you wear to bed?  4.  What is your favorite kind of French Fry? 5.  What is your usual bed time?

Here are my answers:
1.  I am sure my family and friends have seen the notices I have posted on Facebook about my blogs.  I have one daughter and one sister who read them regularly, If there are others I am not aware of it.

2.  I really do not play cards very often.  I am more into word games like Scrabble, Boggle etc.  If I play I usually play Spider Solitaire.
3.  I usually sleep in a tee shirt and pajama pants.  I don't like to s…

Pillow Talk and The Week in Review

Sunday, 11-6-11

This week has been an awesome week. On a personal note, I was able to finally download all the music and videos I had on my Ipod Nano 3rd generation to my new Ipod Touch. I have to say that this is something I have been working on for weeks, but last night a light bulb went off and I realized it had been right in front of me all the time! Oh well!

Halloween went a lot better this year, I had 3 spooky visitors.  When compared to last year, that is 3 times more!

I also had an awesome invitation from Michelle over at Heartfelt Balance / Handmade Life to be the featured blogger on her Sit and Relax Weekend Hop!  I am so very happy and excited about this and would like to publicly thank Michelle for this honor!  Sure hope everyone will visit her blog and check out the hop which will go live at 10 pm on Thursday (11-10-11).

Now for the project for this past weeek:

Last month I was picking my brain trying to come up with something to make each of my grands as a little tok…