BYOB Saturdays 8-13-11

Well today is a party for sure with lots of celebrating going on!  My oldest son was married last night, and what a wonderful day and evening we had!
This is the new bride and groom!  It was an outdoor wedding at the "Curve Rock", a place that was a big part of all three of my sons lives as they were growing up.  Located behind our house, they camped there often as young boys and even more often as teens and young men!  It was a very special wedding in many ways!!

Come help me celebrate the marriage of Travis and Christa! and bring your own blog with you and be sure to link up!  So, click here to link your blog with my Bring your own blog Party Saturday!


Carrie said…
I love the pic! Very handsome couple!
Glo Sews said…
thanks Carrie! They are handsome and so very happy!

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