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Blog Party Celebration

Well I finally finished a dress for my daughter that I have been working on all summer and for that reason I am ready to party!! It seems that this summer has been so filled with other things that I have not been able to do a lot of the things I wanted to do and now it is almost time for school to start and for me to go back to work.  UGH!

Now that I have finished the dress I can stop feeling like I have unfinished business to tend to and relax these next ten days or so! Come on and join in my Bring your own 'Blog Party Celebration!

Add your blog to the list below and I will check out your blog!  All I ask is that you Like me on my Facebook link and if you use google please follow me!  Thanks, and let's get this party started!

Fit For A Princess

My great-niece recently celebrated her 4Th birthday.  Everyone attended the event that was held at my sister's house and were greatly entertained by this "Little Princess".  LOL

She is all into everything Princess so of course I had to tackle a sewing project just for her. I made her a princess skirt out of netting and tulle. It turned out rather cute, but I am not at all sure I would do it again. I had no idea where to even start and had to muddle my way through. I did finally get it all together and was happy with the finished product.

Sewing in the Simplicity Summer Tote Sew-A-Long

This summer I have taken part in two sew-a-longs with Simplicity on Facebook.  One was a zippered skirt sew-a-long and one was a summer tote sew-a-long.  They were both great and I really enjoyed them.  The camaraderie between the members is fantastic and everyone is so very encouraging.

Planning a Bridal Shower

I have so many things I want to write about in my blog, but right now I am busy planning a bridal shower.  My oldest son is getting married in August and his sisters and I are hosting a shower for his sweet and beautiful bride! 

I have been busy getting things together, ordering the cake, fixing up the favors, planning the games and making a few game prizes. It has been a long time since I have hosted a shower and I had forgotten how much time and energy is involved!  But it is a delightful expression of love on our part. My son has chosen a wonderful person to be his wife.

My Version of the Cutest Little Pin Cushion Ever!!

Thanks to Lori at Monkeyroom,( my blog post from July 3rd) I found the pincushion I had been looking for.  After reading her tutorial, I  was hooked and had to try one and put my spin on it.  I pretty much followed her directions, but I used a ribbon to hold the thread and I also placed a pocket on the bottom to hold a pack of sewing needles.
I made one that is 10 inches and one that is 8 inches.  I did use the elastic to hold the thread on the 8 inch size, but I do believe that I prefer the  one with the pocket and the ribbon.(the 10 inch cushion)

Monkeyroom: Tutorial -- Cutest Pinchshion Ever!!

Monkeyroom: TutorialCutest Pincushion ever!

This is just what I have been looking for.  My son is getting married in August and My daughters and I are hosting a Bridal shower for the new bride to be.  I wanted to give something made with love and very useful as a game prize and was thinking an organizational pincushion would be great. I have been searching for a pattern that fit what I had in mind AND...  I found it!!  Thank you so much Lori at Monkeyroom for making my search end today!

Shirred Dresses, One of My Favorite Things

This spring has been all about shirring for me.  It is something I have always wanted to try, but just never had the time when my kids where young.  I have spent this spring trying several ways, and have made several dresses for my daughters and grand-daughters.

One of my favorite things to use is the elastic thread you can buy at  It is a little bit thinner (if you purchase the one marked thinner) then what you can buy in the fabric stores.  It seems to do a better job and not come loose as often.  You can purchase it in white or black.  It also seems to gather tighter then the ones I have bought at the near by stores.