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Korker Fun

Korker ribbon is a fun project for a weekend afternoon!  True it is time consuming, but it is also very rewarding!  With just a little patience and a lot of ribbon you can make quite a mound of korkers!  It is like Christmas when I open my oven and see all those wonderful Korker Ribbons!

I know one thing for sure, I am going to invest in a wood burning tool.  Using the cigarette lighter to seal the edges begins to hurt my thumb after a while and with the wood burning tool you can cut and seal all at the same time!

To make korker ribbons you will need
ribbon ( I use 1/8 or 3/8 but you can use any size you choose)
wooden dowels  ( I use quarter inch, but play around and choose your size)
baking pan
scissors or rotary cutter.
something to seal the edges (lighter, woodburning tool, or seam sealant).

Begin by setting your oven to 275.  I use an oven thermometer just to double check my temp.   Begin wrapping the ribbon onto a quarter inch dowel.  I used 3/8 ribbon.…