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Counting Blessings

The last few months have been grueling and I am ready for a new year and hopefully a good year!  My husband has been ill and is slowly recovering, it has been a very long process.  He spent 16 days in the hospital last October and 8 of those days were spent in Intensive Care Units.  The two main arteries going to his intestines were blocked and it took the doctors what seemed like forever to discover what was going on.  I almost lost him, my world almost crumbled, but with God's help he survived and is on his way to a slow but complete recovery.

On top of my husband's illness, my daughter was in ICU a couple of weeks ago.  Her son found her unconscious and having seizures.  Turns out her doctor had her on meds that should not be taken together.  It was a very intense time until she regained consciousness and was able to be moved out of ICU and into her own room.  I am happy to say she is recovering and getting stronger and healthier every day.  There was some fear that her hea…