Saturday Sewing Party at my blog...BYOB

I am so excited that it is Saturday!  I have had a long and extremely tiring week and I am ready to get my house cleaned up and head to my sewing room!  I have several projects either already in progress or waiting patiently to be in progress!

First and foremost for the day will be cutting out my pattern pieces and pressing them for the Simplicity Sew A Long that I am participating in on Facebook.  I have already prepared my fabric so it is just lying there waiting for me to start making something out of it!  You can follow along and read about my progress here.  This is the pattern I am using in the sew a long. I am itching to start the stitching!

Next I am also sewing in a sew a long about fitting trousers.   It started Wednesday August the 17th, so I am a little behind and hope to get the pattern cut out and fitted this weekend!  This is the pattern I am using and I love the strait leg view.  Usually if I get a pattern to fit in the waist and it is huge in the hips and legs (yes, in proportion to the rest of my body, my waist is huge!!).  I used to know exactly what to do to my patterns but that was years and pounds ago!  Looking forward to this one and making a great fitting and looking pair of pants!

And last but not least I can't wait to start on this darling backpack pattern I purchased from  It is so cute and I know several little girls that would just die to own one!   So I am going to do my best to give them all one!
So...I need to get off of here ASAP and get my butt in gear!  Hope you all have a great Saturday and weekend in general!

Be sure to link up to my BYOB Page  and be sure to show a little love to the other bloggers!  I will be back later to check in and show some love myself to all of you that link up!

Happy Sewing!
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Hi Glo Sews! I wish I sewed! So much you can create - love that pretty knapsack..

Hope you're having a great Saturday!

Best Wishes,

Linda :o)
beachside cottage
Glo Sews said…
If you ever decide to take the plunge, let me know..I can direct you to lots of sites with great tips for beginners!

Have a great weekend!

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