Meet Me On Monday 3-19-12

Acting Balanced

Hello!  It is time for Meet Me On Monday once again.  I link up with Acting Balanced every Monday for this great blog hop.  Every week she post 5 questions and I give my answers here on my blog.  If you would like to join the fun just head on over to Acting Balanced and link up!

Here are this weeks questions:

1. How do you like your eggs?
2. Who is the last person you spoke to on the phone?
3. Do you have a place you keep 'junk' in your home?
4. What is on your 'spring cleaning' list?
5. What blog post have you written recently that you'd like more people to know about?

Here are my answers:

1.  I like my eggs scrambled with a little cheese mixed in, or a cheese     omelet..yum!  Makes me hungry just thinking about it!

2.  The last person I spoke to on the phone was my daughter, Carrie.

3.  I have a great place to keep all my junk, in my "junk room"!  It is the extra bedroom downstairs.  I keep all our summer clothes in there during the winter and winter clothes are stored there in the summer!  I recently made one of the extra upstairs bedrooms into a sewing and craft room and I have all the stuff from that room stored in the "junk room".  I love having a special place for all my junk!

4.  Ha, I have that "junk room" on my spring cleaning list!  I really need to throw some of that junk away!

5.  One blog post I wrote in November was about a new product that I love.  Blooming Chenille Bias Strip Scarf .  That Blooming Chenille Bias is a joy to use and works like magic.  It is a very interesting product and I think more people need to know about it.

Well that is it for this Monday.  Hope everyone has a great week and I will see you again next Monday!

Happy Sewing!


zaraalexis said…
Nice to meet you on a Monday morning! I, too, enjoy posting MMOM on Mondays. Junk room? I love that. My husband would disagree and say, "We don't have a junk room...we have a junk house! You have too much stuff, Zara!" And it would be true. Good luck with your spring cleaning. :D
Wayne W Smith said…
What an interesting set of answers. I am a scrambled eggs guy myself.
Heather M said…
Great answers! I have a junk room myself ... I'm working on it :). Found you on the 99% blog hop and following all (blog & facebook).
Good answers, and lucky you to have a junk room :-)
Shannon W. said…
Eggs and cheese taste very good together.

I think my junk room is the garage, which needs a through cleaning!

Happy Monday!
Kathy said…
I've always enjoyed having a "junk room", too. I can't imagine not ever having one.
Michelle said…
I love cheese in my eggs, too! I have several "Junk" drawers and cabinets and floor space! Good Grief, I've been trying to clean and organize them forever. Hope you have a great week, Glo!
Nani said…
I craved eggs when I wrote about eggs too! I remember that scarf! The blooming chenille is SO COOL!

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