Silent Sunday 9/25/11 Fat Quarter Fun

Fat Quarter Fun

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Happy Sewing!


punkychewster said…
i love crafting on my days off! it always makes me feel so happy and accomplished !!
I love it! The purse is soo cute, the pattern and the idea :) well done! xx

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Glo Sews said…
Thanks guys, the purse needs a little more tweaking, but I like it. I wanted something I could just grab and run with. Thanks for stopping by!
Todays Treasure said…
I like the middle piece. Note sure what you would technically call it ... it the little bits of paper. I think I'd embed a magnet into it and hang a few on my fridge ... that way I wouldn't have all those little bits and pieces tacked on everywhere.
Glo Sews said…
Thanks for the comment Today's treasure, but I am not sure what you mean? The middle picture is the inside of the clutch purse lol. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a great day!
Todays Treasure said…
Oh, that's too funny. I saw the pockets and was actually thinking it would sit on a couch or somewhere to stick all the little things. Now I see the purse ....

Mom used to say I wouldn't figure it out if it were right in front of my face (what if she was right !)>

Nice works; there are so many wonderful fabrics available in the fat quarters.
Thanks so much for tweeting about getting a free copy of CANDY, MURDER and Me on my web site.

Much appreciated!

All Best,

emontez147 said…
Love your crafts, I already have a few great ideas! Beautiful stuff. I can't wait to read more. Following from the 99% blog hop!

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