Monday Quiz About Me 7-16-12

Acting Balanced

Welcome to Monday Quiz About Me.  I am joining Acting balanced and several other bloggers that get together every Monday and answer the 4 questions Acting Balanced gives us and the one each blogger adds to it.  Five questions in all and the 5th one is constantly changing.  It is a lot of fun, if you are interested in joining us head on over to  Acting Balanced and Monday Quiz About Me.

1. If you could be on a reality tv show which one would you want to be a part of?

2. You have the power to create one law, what would it be?

3. How's your weather today?

4. Other than the country you currently live in, where would you want to live?

5.  My question is ... What is your favorite sport to watch on television and will you watch any of the Olympics this year.

Now, on to my answers:

1.  If I could be on any reality tv show it would have to be Who Do You Think You Are.  I would love to have all the means made available to me to find out about my ancestors.  That would be a dream come true.

2.  If I had the power to create one law, it would be that television news crews must administer some kind of mental assessment before they  interview an eyewitness for a local news broadcast.   Maybe it is because I live in a small southern town, but good grief, I don't know where they find some of the dummies they put on our local news.

3.  The weather here today was wonderful.  Mostly sunny with just a few scattered showers around.

4.  I have to say I love America,  I know it has a lot of problems at the moment, but all in all it is a wonderful country and I am so blessed to have been born here.  BUT, I love Jamaica too, If ever I move out of the country, look for me in Jamaica, that is where I will be.

5.  I love college softball.  I could watch it for hours.  I also love to watch football, especially college.
I may watch some of the Olympics this year,(swimming, volleyball, and gymnastics) but I won't stay glued to the television like I do during the winter Olympics.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!
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Kathy said…
Perhaps I could move to Jamaica, too. I'm drawn to tropical places :)

I know what you mean about some of the people on the local news...LOL
Rebecca said…
Great answers. I love America, too.. but I sure would like to travel. someday.

Have a great week!
Nani said…
I agree with you television news comment, but it seems like the dumbest people are the ones clamoring to be on TV. The smarter ones? Well, "it's better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt" comes to mind. Man on the street interviews, we usually see "no doubt" ones on TV!
Arlene said…
I rarely watch sports on television, but occasionally I'll watch basketball. If there's figure skating on I may very well watch it. I might watch the gymnastics this year, if I remember it's on.

Have a blessed week!
punkychewster said…
i love watching NFL don't know too much about college football. I used to play shortstop in my college softball team and had a huge bruise on my chest for months after getting hit right in the ribs! that's for not keeping my eyes open!

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