Time At The Beach Does a Heart Good!

Sand Dollar Island
What a great time we had at the beach.  Not only sun, sand and surf, but lots of quality time with the family!  Atlantic Beach and the entire Bogue Sound is beautiful and I must add that it is wonderful having family that lives there, knows the place inside out and has the means to take you (by land or by sea) to all the great places to visit!

We began our visit by going to the Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores .  We all had such a great time and saw so many wonderful and different kinds of aquatic life.  It was very hot and windy the day we visited the aquarium, perfect for indoor activities.

Pictured above, my grands Meredith and Corrie, my step-daughter Teresa and my hubby

Didn't know I was so crabby did you?

We visited an island in the sound named Sand Dollar Island. It is a place that is only visible when the tide is low.  It was kind of hairy getting there, because of all the sand bars it was difficult  to navigate, but it sure was worth it!  When the island rises it is a sand dollar lovers feast!  We all found sand dollars.  Did you know they are actually dark brown when they are living and only turn white when they die. Learn something new every day!

Searching for Sand Dollars
Resting at the boat before leaving Sand Dollar Island

One of my favorite places in the whole world is Shackleford Banks.  It is an amazing thing to be in the ocean and see horses running on an island.

You can go and spend the entire day on the island if you wish, and tho we didn't spend the entire day, we did spend some time on the island and were lucky enough to see the horses.  They are beautiful creatures!

The horses of Shackleford
We were lucky enough to catch the horses playing in the water!
Fun at Shackleford Banks

Why would you want to go to Bogue Sound without visiting Beaufort? It is such a beautiful place, rich with old houses, wonderful pirate history and beautiful boats!

All these places and things were wonderful, but I just don't think you can beat seeing an American flag flying on a fishing rod!  How original is that!  It might make you a redneck, but hey, who cares!

Happy 4th of July, Ya'll!

Thank you Teresa, Bill, Corrie and Meredith for showing us such amazing hospitality!  You always make us feel at home and go out of your way to make sure we have a wonderful experience while visiting you and Atlantic Beach.  Love you all very much!  See you Christmas!

As for all of you, I will see you soon.  I have much to do after returning from vacation, but I will be back sewing and sharing... soon.

Happy Sewing!


Anonymous said…
Wow, you could write and publish a brochure for vacationing at Atlantic Beach. That was so good!!! and even the captions under the pictures. We enjoyed having you and Daddy and look so forward to it every year.
Love you GG!
Glo Haynes said…
Thank you Teresa, we love seeing you guys and having the chance to spend some quality time together. Love you guys and thanks again for such a wonderful time!
punkychewster said…
Hahahah that crab photo is priceless! I'm glad you had a wonderful time! But also glad to see you back in the blogging world! Welcome back and

Happy 4th!!!
Glo Haynes said…
Hey Punky! I knew you would love that crab photo! Thanks for the warm welcome back, it is nice to be back home(blogging)! Have a great holiday and weekend!

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