Can you Guess What This Is?

I am calling it a ball cap curtain..It is a curtain to protect the ears!

Recently my husband had surgery to remove a skin cancer that was on  the top of his ear.  He has had several frozen off, but this one was too large so it had to be surgically removed.  His doctor has warned him not to be out in the sun without a hat. That makes perfect sense and should be easy to do, but my husband spends a lot of time in his bass boat fishing, and any type of hat (except his ball cap) flies off when he is speeding down the river to his next honey hole!  He has tried all kind of hats, but always has to take them off before moving from one place to another for fear of loosing them.  Not only is it aggravating to him, but it worries me that he will tire of that aggravation and simply not wear it anymore.   Voila, the "ball cap curtain!"

It really is a simple thing to make, the first one I made was even all the way around but I was afraid that the back would get caught on his collar, I don't want any kind of aggravation, I want it to be comfortable.

The first one was even all the way around.

The next one I made shorter in the back and long enough on the sides to cover his ears.

Top photo is front view
Bottom photo is back view

Side View
I hemmed it all around and made a casing wide enough to insert a piece of 3/4 inch wide elastic.  The front is left with just the elastic showing and fits up under his ball cap.  I used a snap on the ends of the elastic so the curtain can easily be taken on and off.  (I plan on making him more and perfecting my pattern as I go.)

He is happy!   we have looked for a ball cap type hat that has ear covers attatched, but it seems they are all made out of winter fabric, meant more for warmth than protection from the sun I guess.  I think that if he gets too hot he could just wear the curtain and let his hair blow free.  (He doesn't seem to be very fond of that idea!  ha).

Not exactly a fashion statement, lol, but it will do the trick and keep his precious little ears safe from the sun!

Happy St. Patricks Day!
Happy Sewing!


punkychewster said…
Nana Glo, you're so clever!! Hurray for cap flaps!
Glo Haynes said…
Hey Punky! Your comments always bring a smile to my face and my heart! Thanks for stopping by!

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