What A Day

Today I had to go to the local hospital for a Nuclear Stress Test.  I have known since Wednesday about the test and I can't begin to tell you how much I have dreaded it!  It really wasn't all that bad, nothing like I had imagined!

First a little more info on how the test came about.  Last week I was sick, so sick I decided to go to the Dr.  I also had been suffering from shoulder pain, some shortness of breath, and the sore throat I had was more in my neck...all these symptoms prompted my Dr. to give me an EKG and it showed some small changes from the last EKG I had about 3 years ago....hence the stress test.

I think the word nuclear was more frightening to me than anything else.

As soon as I arrived at  the testing area, they hooked me up to a monitor, a blood pressure cuff and inserted an IV.  After the hook-up I began the treadmill part of the test.  I have PAD and was kind of worried that the treadmill might prove too much, but I was able to do it without very much leg pain .  After my heart reached 150 beats per minute, they gave me a shot of radioactive dye and I stayed on the treadmill a couple of more minutes.  This radio active dye travels all through your bloodstream and into your heart.

After a small breakfast, I went to imaging and pictures were taken to track the radioactive blood.  The pictures took about 23 minutes and then I was given another shot of radioactive dye.  After drinking some liquids, and an hour of rest, more pictures were taken, this time while my heart was at rest. When all the pictures were made, my IV was taken out and I was able to leave.

 My Dr. should have my results in two days and let me know if they found any blockages.

What a way to spend a Monday!

I little bit about PAD:
Peripheral Artery Disease  is a condition of the blood vessels that leads to narrowing of the arteries that supply the legs and feet.   The narrowing of the vessels can limit blood flow and cause damage to nerves and muscles.

Happy Sewing!
Keep a happy heart!


Kathy said…
So sorry to hear that you had to begin your week in this way--but at least you have it behind you now! Enjoy the rest of your Monday :)
Marti said…
Hope all the test results will be negative. I went through one a couple of years ago, and I turn out fine (think the cardiologist needed to make a car payment or something) Have a good rest of the week.
Glo Haynes said…
Thanks Marti, glad to know yours turned out good. I know what you mean about the car payment! That test alone was almost $6,0000.00! No medical test should be that expensive! Makes my heart break for people that need medical services and have no insurance!
Have a great day Marti!
Tammy H. said…
Hi there! I found your blog on voiceboks and thought I'd stop by to check it out! I followed via GFC and Linky and I was
wondering if you would follow me back on GFC or Linky, or even both! LOL Thanks!


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