Heart Filled Heart

Happy valentine's Day!

Today  while I was at Walmart, I found this cute bag with a glittered heart on the front and a satin finished heart on the back and my mind went to the laced hearts I have seen.  I wondered if this would work for one of those cute laced hearts filled with candy hearts.  I think it worked quite well!  Any gift bag would work, there are so many cute bags.  You could also use a bag you already have and draw your own heart, incorporating any decorations that may be on the bag.

I used:

1 Valentine gift bag
hole punch ( I used a regular and decorative punch)
candy hearts
glue for tiny hearts

First I pulled the bottom of the bag apart and cut that section off.

Getting rid of that bottom section makes it easier to handle and you are now able to cut the bag side open and easily cut out the heart. (or draw your own heart on the bag and cut it out)  Cut two hearts, one for the front and one for the back.

Once the back and front are cut out, take the hole punch, regular or decorative, and punch holes, evenly spaced, all along the outside of the hearts, making sure to keep both sides together so the holes line up. In this case I used a decorative punch and saved the little hearts it created each time a hole was made. I will find a use for them later.

At the very top, just below the "v" of the heart I used a regular punch, the decorative one would not reach that far and the holes are necessary for the bow to be made after lacing. I chose a pink decorative ribbon from my stash and looped it through the very bottom hole, this will gave me two lengths of ribbon. one to lace each side and allow for a tied bow at the top of the heart.

Don't forget to add the candy to the inside before lacing the holes on the top of the heart, fill and lace the last two holes. Thread ribbon into the holes at the bottom of the V.  Tie a pretty bow, I used the tiny hearts made from the punch to glue on each end of the ribbon, one on both sides of each end

After the glue is good and dry, trim any ribbon that may be showing around the tiny hearts and voila!

An easy, no sew, heart filled heart even a child can make!

 Happy Valentine's Day!
 Happy Sewing!


This is really cute and something I think my girls would love to do! Thanks for the tutorial :)
Glo Haynes said…
Thank you and thanks for stopping by. I think your girls would love it too and it is quick and easy!
Carrie said…
I love It you are so smart!

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