Good-Bye February..Good-Bye GFC

I have been feeling a little sad today.  As of Wednesday, Google Friend Connect will no longer be available for blogs and websites not using the Blogger platform.  I know first hand how hard you must work for every single follower and how much work these people have put into their blogs and websites.  I know some have hundreds and even thousands of Google Friend Connect followers they will be losing.  There is always Google +,  but I am not sure how well it will be able to replace Google Friend Connect.  I am thinking that the Linky app for followers might do a better job then Google+ and that Google may have just shot themselves in the foot(Can't say they don't deserve it if that does turn out to be the case).

Followers are not the only thing affected by the loss of Google Friend Connect.  Many of the give-a-ways are given to blogs and websites according to their rating through GFC(Google friend connect).  This will be an area that will be harder to replace and may affect the livelihood of many of the blog owners.

The blogs and websites that are included in the GFC disconnect are owned by very hard working and highly skilled people and in the end I am sure they will survive and prosper.  

My thoughts are with all of you as you enter into this new era of blogging and I know you will continue to do well.

Happy Sewing!


I'm totally going to miss GFC!!! :'( sob sob.
Kathy Radigan said…
I keep thinking Google is going to reconsider and change their mind, but I guess that is becoming less and less likely as we are getting closer and closer to D day! I'm following you through Linky and Google +, great to find you through voiceBoks and I'm so glad you got social with us!
Nani said…
I have a Google rant planned this week. They are making very user-UNfriendly changes. Who are they being friendly to??

I am signed up through Linky, but I have trouble remembering to go there and update my most recent posts. Maybe if enough people sign up they can get the advertising to afford an upgrade there.

I'm a blogspot blogger, but I'm sad to see this being done to the readers from other hosts too!
Glo Haynes said…
I agree with you Nani, it is very unfriendly of Google Friend Connect..maybe a name change is needed there!..I too have a problem remembering to update on Linky, maybe they can upgrade that soon!

Have a great day Nani!

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