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I had a lively discussion the other day with a close friend about home crafted gifts.  She seems to think that hand made gifts are something that are given when you have little money and can't  actually buy a gift.  I was shocked!   I have been making gifts for people I love for years and I certainly hope they didn't feel that way when I presented the gift to them!

The thought that hand made gifts are something that you do because you lack the finances to buy a gift is ridicules!   First of all you have to purchase the supplies and then donate your time and energy to finish the project.   I think when someone takes the time to make you a gift, whether it is needle work, sewing, or any other craft,  it is a huge compliment.   I know that person had me in mind when she planned the gift, and thought of me all during the process of making it.  I know she stressed over the fact that it might not turn out perfect, and may have had to correct mistakes and start again at least once.  It is a gift that is mine alone and no one has an item identical to it.  Even if she made one for several friends, no two will be exactly alike!  I believe a hand made gift is a gift that is totally made with love for the person that will receive it.  I love hand made gifts,  they are the best gifts of all!

Here are a few of my favorites!

This is a gift I received from my soon to be daughter in law.  She took the time to hand embroider this teapot for me.  She knows I collect them and love tea.  Not only is this a very thoughtful gift strait from her heart, but also took time and patience to make.  I know she had me in mind while making it and put much love into every stitch.   I love it and proudly keep it on display in my home.  It is a constant reminder that I have this wonderful person in my life and makes me smile when I am having a bad day.  I love it Amber and I love you!

This was a "surprise gift" from my sister.   Surprise gifts are my favorite!   She designed her own pattern and crocheted this bag for me.   She knows how much I love the Tennessee Vols and lined it with Vol fabric and added an orange and white ribbon, Tennessee Vol colors.   I was thrilled when she presented me this bag. The thought that she wanted to give me a gift from her heart just to let me know she loves me and was thinking of me, makes my heart swell with pride and joy.  I love it SusyQ and I love you!

This bag was another surprise gift! This time from my daughter. We always go shopping together on Black Friday and this year she presented me with this special I love you gift!   It is beautiful and I carry it with pride.  She has a full time job and is busy raising 3 sons, but still found the time and money to make me one of the most special gifts I have ever received!   It is also her own pattern and I think the embellishments are just darling and perfect!  I love it Carrie Lynn, and I love you!

This is a gift that touches my heart every Christmas.   It is probably the most precious hand made gift I have ever received!  My 10 year old grandson made this for me when he was 6.   He presented it to me when he came up on Christmas Eve that year and it surprised me and made me so happy that it almost made me cry.  The fact that he wanted to make me something during Christmas project time at school just leaves me speechless. I treasure this gift, always display it in a prominent place during Christmas, and would just be crushed if  anything should happen to it.  Thanks Ryano, I love it and I love you!

All these gifts mean so very much to me,  in my personal opinion, nothing is as great as a personal, hand made gift from someone you love. Don't get me wrong, I love those store bought gifts too!  They contain a lot of thought and love also.

So if someone presents you with a hand made gift this year I hope you realize how much you mean to them,  and remember how much love and thought went in to making the gift!

Happy Sewing


ArtyMarti said…
People who have never made a gift have no concept of the work that goes into it, so they might not see the value. Homemade gifts are also unique--not something that you find in every store. I also, treasure everyone of my handmade gifts. I make 98% of my gifts, and everyone has been appreciative.
Glo Haynes said…
You are right about people that do not make gifts. They have no concept. As far as I know all of the ones I have given were well received also, but after the discussion with my friend, I am just in shock! LOL I love all of my gifts that are made from the heart too. I keep them all and would never consider getting rid of any of them! Thanks for commenting!
I totally agree with you, handmaking something may sometimes (although not always!) be cheaper than buying something in terms of money but its so much richer in love and individuality. The time and care spent on it is basically priceless!

You have some wonderful handmade gifts here, I love them all! xxx

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Carrie said…
Im so glad I finaly got a chance to read this! This is one of my favorit post!Although it brought a tear to my eye while reading about the pinecone!I remember when Ryan gave it to you,you got to love Ryan such a sweetie! I love you!and I agree about hand made gifts I LOVE them!
Nani said…
Every year I choose one or two gifts that I make. Everyone looks forward to seeing those gifts, even if it isn't theirs. But my family knows the work that goes into cross stitching something or crafting with the hot glue gun is a lot of time and a lot of thinking about them. My most treasured gifts were hand-made just for me and the dollar store gifts chosen for me by children. It’s the gifts with the heart, the true joy in giving, that have the most lasting memories!
Glo Haynes said…
you are so right Nani, those are the very best gifts! I have so many hand made gifts from my kids that they made over the years in school. Most of them I have made into Christmas ornaments and they hang proudly on my tree every year. Some are slowing crumbling away and I have had to put them up for safe keeping. Those ornaments mean more to me than anything money could ever buy!

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! Have a wonderful week!


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