Free Kit From Quilts For Kids

Well this week was an exciting week for me. I requested a quilt kit from Quilts for Kids a couple of weeks ago and I received it this week.  I wanted to share it with you.  I am impressed with the fabrics, both the quality of the fabric and the choices. In the above picture the pieces for the quilt top are lying on the solid blue fabric for the back.  The colors are  bright and cheerful and they even sent the tag, how cool is that?  All I need to get is the thread and the batting.    This is going to be a darling quilt!  I do not have a lot of experience quilting and may be calling on some of you for help!  I am going to use a very basic pattern and  sure hope I can do it  justice!  I will post pictures along the way.

If you haven't already done so, please visit Quilts For Kids today and order your free kit!

Also this week I received a couple of things I  ordered from the ASG ( kinda felt like Christmas around here!).  I ordered the cutest Breast Cancer Awareness pin I have ever seen.  It is a measuring tape and can be bought at the ASG store.

Another item that I purchased is a charm celebrating 25 years of greatness from the American Sewing Guild.  It also can be purchased at the ASG Store
This picture does not really do it justice. It is beautiful and the quality is excellent. If you are not a member of the American Sewing Guild or just haven't visited their website lately, please do so, they have so much great information and some great ideas for community Service Projects.

For more on the organization  Quilt for Kids, check out my post... quilts-for-kids.

Happy Sewing!


Too bad I am HOPELESS to sew... never really learned. :-( Popping by from Coffee talk... have a fantastic weekend! :-)
The quilt kit looks so cute, I cant wait to see how it comes along. And the breast cancer pin is awesome too, really unique! xx

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The Dreamer said…
thanks for the info!

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Jeri Lynne said…
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Jeri Lynne said…
So I didn't check out the Quilts for Kids site before commenting...duh. What a cool organization!!! I love it! There is a little boy in my kindergarten class that has a momma with cancer. He spends a lot of time in the hospital with her, and they gave him a quilt. He has it at school now, so that he can 'smell and remember' his momma at naptime! Love it!

Mom and I are already planning to take Quilting 102 in January...and can't wait! Happy crafting this weekend!
Glo Sews said…
It is a great organization! That is a great story, so sad about his mom but how wonderful he has the quilt!

Happy crafting and quilting to you too!
LisaWeidknecht said…
Thanks for joining the Planet Weidknecht Weekend Hop! I'm a new follower!
Wow! Great stuff! Creative ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) link Weidknicht Planet

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