Grand Opening of my Etsy Shop...8-6-2012

I never dreamed that starting an Etsy shop would be so time consuming!  I have been working on this Grand Opening for over a month!  Still not sure that I have a full understanding about how everything works, but I am learning.  I am proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Glo's Crafty Creations  will have a Grand Opening sale on Monday and Tuesday, August 6 and 7.  I will be posting a code for 10% off of any purchase at my Etsy shop Glo's Crafty Creations, the code will be posted on my  Facebook page and here on my Blog on Sunday evening.  Code will be active from 12:00AM Monday through 9:00PM on Tuesday

Here are just a few things that will be available on Monday.

"Let's Go Sailing" dress with matching corker hairbow clip.
Newborn dress and headband, Letters and Animals.
Poofy Flower Headband with beaded center.
Little Fishy Coin purse.

Be sure to check my Facebook Page or my Blog  Sunday evening for the coupon code.  Hope to see everyone there.

I am a bit of a nervous wreck, but all is good and right in my world!  :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Sewing!

ETSY  Glo's Crafty Creations

FACEBOOK  Glo's Crafty Creations


Sue Korman said…
Good luck, Glo! Best wishes for a fantabulous grand opening.
Glo Haynes said…
Thank you so very much Sue, I am a bit nervous but very hopeful!

Have a great weekend!
punkychewster said…
Yes it is very time consuming! Look at my shop! I've been lazy and not stocking up with new items! Takes a lot of self motivation, and i've fallen off the wagon! All the best with your Etsy business! I love those little tooth pillows! Too cute!
Glo Haynes said…
Thanks Punky for stopping my and adding my shop to your favorites. It is a lot of work, but I enjoy it. I love your shop and have had it in my favorites for a while.

Thanks for the well wishes. Hang in there and get back on that wagon!!

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